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【The secret to baking fluffy Japanese breadー Hoshino yeast leaven】

What makes the Japanese bread so fluffy and delicious? The secret is not only the flour,  choosing the right yeast is also the key to success. Japanese Hoshino natural yeast leaven is highly recommended


The bread made with Hoshino yeast has a moist and chewy texture with natural aroma and flavour of wine, by adding raisins or dried fruits can perfectly bring out the flavour of the ingredients making the bread taste better. It is suitable to make toast, Japanese style bread and European style bread.


How to activate Hoshino natural yeast leaven:
• Prepare with 25-30 °C warm water, clean and sanitized stainless steel container
• Pour 2 parts warm water to 1 part natural yeast powder (50g Hoshino yeast leaven: 100ml warm water)
• Mix the yeast and water until crumble and keep at 28°C for 24 hours
• After 24 hours, you can find small bubbles and feel the fermentation aroma
• It’s ready to put in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours to stabilize as a starte


Fermentation and storage:
• Temperature affects yeast activity, over-fermentation will easily happen if the temperature exceeds 30°C, lower than 25 °C will cause insufficient fermentation.
• Store the activated starter in the refrigerator and recommended to use within a week
• Refrigerate the unopened Hoshino natural yeast leaven at 0-5 °C and use up within 60 days after opening
Oceana became the only Hong Kong company that obtained the official agent of Hoshino Yeast from Japan and Tomizawa Store. All products are imported from Japan.